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Frequently asked questions

Can we upload our policies and other documents?
Yes, we have a special feature that enables you quickly to upload pdf or Word versions of your own organisation's key documents. In this way  the course is easily tailored to your own organisation's procedures and tenancy arrangements for course activities.

We operate a Learning Management System (LMS )for our staff and others. Can a link be placed on our site?
Yes. A link can easily be placed on the LMS site; the person maintaining your LMS site would need to add it.

We want to store information from your management information section. In particular can we upload data relating to staff individuals to our LMS?
Yes, this data is easily downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet and you can then quickly import that data into whatever system you like, including your LMS site.

How quickly could staff begin using the courses?
The system is made accessible to staff following receipt of your purchase order. Each course has an introductory section so people can get started straightaway. In addition, youʼll get a standard e-communication for staff, which managers often like to adapt to outline the upcoming training programme and its objectives and how staff will engage with it.

How have other organisations used online training?
Organisations use online training for different reasons, from induction to team development and meeting specialist training needs. Read case studies from Newport Homes and Brighton & Hove City Council

How will staff know what to expect from online training and how much time they need?
The personal training needs questionnaire at the start of each course provides a self-assessment of knowledge and experience of the relevant subject. From this each person can judge the approach they should take. The personalised results from the questionnaire give a suggested amount of time to be allocated to each subject. The exact time spent will depend on personal and organisational priorities, level of previous experience, whether some work is done in groups, for example, case studies and whether home study is expected.

Are the courses accredited for Continuing Professional Development and are Certificates awarded?

 Yes, all courses are CPD accredited having been independently reviewed and certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuing Professional Development guidelines by the CPD Certification Service.

CPD Certificates of Course Work are awarded to learners who having undertaken course work, complete both the personal training needs questionnaire and the self-assessment questionnaire, which reviews the learning value of the course and records the CPD attributable number of hours spent.

In addition, CPD Certificates of Successful Completion are awarded to learners who:

  • at the start of the course, complete a personal training needs questionnaire
  • in their online workbook, make notes on each topic and course activity page
  • in the multiple-choice quizzes, score 5 out of 5
  • in their online workbook, note answers to the course review case studies
  • at the end of course, complete a self-assessment questionnaire.

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