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Freedom's Consequences: reducing teenage pregnancies and their negative effects in the UK

NEW report from Lemos&Crane. Research for this report was supported by The Monument Trust.

Why does the UK have such a poor record on reducing teenage pregnancies compared to other similar European countries? In this report Gerard Lemos advocates focusing on building much better relationship education for primary school children; supporting the whole family - not just the teenage mother and baby, but also the father and the extended family - and, most radically, a shake-up of the benefits system to give teenage parents cash and social housing incentives to stay together as a family, to ensure that the child meets its child development outcomes and the parents meet their aspirations.  He wants a radical overhaul of our assumptions and attitudes about teenage families and a much more positive approach to supporting them, focusing not on their problems but on their hopes for themselves and for their children.

Published in February 2009, this report is available for free download.

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