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Preventing teenage pregnancies continues to be a pressing challenge for practitioners working with young people across the UK - an issue attracting high-profile political attention and the resources of a range of local agencies. Support for young people who do become parents is more crucial than ever - to ensure financial well-being and to enable productive and fulfilling lives.

Building on original research and analysis for Lemos&Crane's ground-breaking report Freedom's Consequences, this timely and action-orientated seminar presents new directions and approaches for preventing teenage pregnancies and for supporting the needs and aspirations of young parents - fathers as well as mothers.


Key themes include:


What you'll get from the day

  1. A new strategic framework for planning and delivering services that prevent teenage pregnancies and support young parents including fathers
  2. Ideas and insight on how existing services and approaches can be improved and developed
  3. Learning from international comparison - best practice from the Netherlands
  4. Examples of innovation and good practice from around the country - from schools, supported housing, local authorities and independent service providers
  5. Networking opportunities with practitioners and policy makers from a range of backgrounds and sectors working with young people

Contributions invited from:

Who should attend?


9.15  Registration

10.00  Introduction and context for new directions in work on teenage pregnancies

10.15  Prevention Strategies 1: Schools and the community

11.30  Refreshments

11.50  Prevention Strategies 2: Best practice from the Netherlands

12.30  Supporting Teenage Parents 1: Involving fathers

1.15  Lunch (Nottingham City PCT DVD on promoting sexual health shown at 1.40)   

2.00  Supporting Teenage Parents 2:  Meeting needs and aspirations

3.00 Practice review

3.15  Young People Panel Discussion

4.00  Refreshments and departures


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