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Family Intervention, Parenting and Anti-social Behaviour

New legal powers and supportive interventions for social landlords and partner agencies

Date: Wednesday 21st April 2010


Most social landlords say that 80% of their time in tackling ASB is taken up by 20% of perpetrators – drilling deeper into these cases, a family struggling to keep control of children’s behaviour is often at the heart of the problem. Working with families at risk of eviction because of ASB is a major challenge for social landlords, requiring a balanced combination of legal powers and supportive interventions, and the coordination of action from a range of local agencies. But the rewards are clear and convincing to budget holders in terms of:

This practice-orientated, interactive conference will set out a comprehensive approach for social landlords and partner agencies to help them work with families at risk of eviction because of ASB.

Key themes and subjects

  • How and when to use Family Intervention Tenancies
  • Parenting Orders and Parenting Contracts
  • Making referrals to Family Intervention Projects
  • Using private and voluntary parenting programmes
  • Multi-agency working on complex cases
  • The impact of intervention on families’ lives
  • Hidden violence within the family

The effectiveness of Family Intervention Projects

Click here for a briefing on how Family Intervention Projects work and for a summary of outcome data illustrating the effectiveness of intervention.

Programme contributors


Expert facilitators





Introduction and context

Gerard Lemos, partner at Lemos&Crane, and Project Director for ASBActionNet; Honor Rhodes, Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (facilitators through the day)


Family Intervention Projects - How and Why they Work (Policy update)

Elaine Onyiuke, Family Intervention Project Specialist, Department for Children, Schools and Families


New legal powers on family intervention and parenting (Executive Briefing)

Caroline Hunter, Professor of Housing Law at York University, on Family Intervention Tenancies, Parenting Orders and Parenting Contracts


Using Family Intervention Tenancies (Practice Focus)

Stuart White, ASB Co-ordinator, Sandwell Homes, one of the first social landlords to use Family Intervention Tenancies

11.45 Refreshments

Practice example: Community-led Family Intervention Projects

Sarah Castro, Community Safety Manager, Poplar HARCA, on setting up a family intervention project at the request of local residents (winner of the Guardian Public Service Awards 2009)


Practice example: Early intervention and working with partner agencies

Sarah Harris, Anti-social Behaviour Officer, and Joy Shakespeare, Young People's Services, Harrow Council, on an Early intervention panel that links closely with partner agencies

1.15 Lunch

Hidden violence within families (New research findings)

Judy Nixon, Principal Lecturer in ASB Studies, Sheffield Hallam University, on the nature and extent of parents being abused and intimidated by their children


Live case conference

Part 1

  • Brian Cooke and David Lockerman from Broxbourne Housing Association introduce a real case that they’ve dealt with involving a family at risk of eviction because of ASB
    • Delegates identify suggested approaches drawn from their current policy and procedures
    • Consultation with representatives from partner agencies that would typically be involved in these cases
    • Action planning and review
Part 2
  • Writer and broadcaster Simon Fanshawe talks to the family involved in the case to learn about their experience of being on the receiving end of family intervention and the impact that it had on their lives.
4.15 ASBActionNet Awards
4.20 Departures

What you'll get from the day

  • Understanding of legal powers available to support work with families to address anti-social behaviour
  • Knowledge of the range and type of parenting programmes and family interventions that have been tried and tested
  • Ideas and inspiration from professionals with experience of delivering in-depth projects working with families
  • Insight into the principles and practice of multi-agency working through a live case study conference
  • A policy and practice framework for reviewing and updating your approach to working with families at the centre of complaints of ASB
  • Networking opportunities with practitioners and policy makers from social landlords and partner agencies

Who should attend?

Registered providers (housing associations, ALMOs, and local authority landlords):
  • ASB Managers and Officers
  • Community Safety Mangers and Officers
  • Estate, Neighbourhood and Housing Managers and Officers
  • Tenancy Services Managers
  • Tenancy Enforcement Managers

Representatives from other agencies working closely with social landlords on family interventions and ASB:
  • Youth offending teams
  • Social Services
  • Education departments
  • Mental health teams
  • Drug and alcohol teams
  • Parenting coordinators

Who attended?

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