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Lost and Found:

Faith and spirituality in the lives of homeless people

Researched and published by Lemos&Crane working with The Connection at St Martin’s, supported by The St John Southworth Fund on behalf of the Archdiocese of Westminster, with other funders.

Lost and Found, published in April 2013, is the first ever study of homeless people’s attitude to faith involving in-depth interviews with over 70 people. 

The feedback received  from service providers in particular has revealed significant demand and interest to explore more fully with homeless and vulnerable people their faith and spirituality – this has been expressed by both ‘secular’ and ‘faith-based’ organisations. Above all, many people say that the report’s findings are timely, confirming what they had observed and thought in relation to the wishes and feelings of service users, but not acted upon.

Lost and Found brings to our attention ground breaking research into the faith, spirituality and profound insights of homeless people.” The Archbishop of Westminster, HE Cardinal Vincent Nichols

 “Lost and Found raises timely and important questions about the fundamental nature of support for long-term homeless people and how faith and spirituality should play a part in a more person-centred approach within the sector.” Colin Glover, Chief Executive, The Connection at St Martin’s

“This concise and balanced report persuasively argues that all mainstream providers and commissioners – not just faith-based organisations – should respect the importance of faith and spirituality for homelessness services.” Mark Woodruff, The Monument Trust

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