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LankellyChase Digital Empowerment Awards


The Digital Empowerment Awards ceremony took place on the 13th May 2014 at the LankellyChase Foundation, awarding prize money and awards certificates to six projects. The projects were celebrated for excellence and innovation in using the growing potential of digital technologies such as the internet, social media, apps and SMS to improve the lives of homeless and vulnerable people, giving them a voice, enhancing their skills and capabilities, facilitating peer support and making the services they receive more personalised and empowering.

71 entries were received in total and we would like to thank everyone for their effort and involvement. The range of people involved with the projects was extremely wide: from homeless people and people with learning disabilities to women in the criminal justice system and members of the traveller community. The judges faced a difficult task in short-listing and selecting one Winner, two Runners Up, two Highly Commended Entries and one Judges' Special Award. 

Julian Corner, Chief Executive of the Lankelly Chase Foundation, commented:“Thanks to all those organisations and projects that entered the LankellyChase digital empowerment awards for homeless and vulnerable people.  We are delighted that we have tapped a rich vein of exciting and impressive work.  It was a hard job to get the shortlist down to 12 and was even harder to choose the winner and runners up.  We hope that these awards will be the beginning of a real breakthrough.” 

Jeremy Swain, Chief Executive of Thames Reach said:“These are hard times for homeless people.  Agencies need to be constantly thinking of new ways to empower their service users. The LankellyChase Digital Empowerment Awards have given us real food for thought at Thames Reach. Technology is a real opportunity and this is an area of work that Thames Reach will want to actively develop in the years to come.”

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