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The City of London Corporation's charity, City Bridge Trust's Growing Localities Awards 2013/2014


At an event attended by over 80 people at St Luke’s Community Centre on 9 May 2014, the City of London Corporation's charity, City Bridge Trust, awarded prize money and awards certificates to six environmental projects and celebrated their excellence and innovation in using nature to enhance and improve local communities and the lives of vulnerable or socially excluded people. These projects have all generated positive outcomes such as health and well-being, new skills and knowledge, new relationships, and a sense of purpose and belonging.

Entries had come from large and small organizations and from every borough in the capital - 164 in all.  The judges had a challenging time shortlisting 12 entries and from these chosing the award winners. The range of people involved with the projects was tremendous: children and young people, adults with learning disabilities, people in recovery and with mental health problems, older people and families. The projects involved thousands of volunteers and many had had a transformational impact on their residents and neighbourhoods – often with little or no money.

Further details of all awarded entrants can be found in the latest edition of City Bridge Trust's 'The Knowledge'

Find out more about this year's Growing Localities Awards here 

Billy Dove MBE JP, Chairman of the City Bridge Trust Grants Committee commented: “We have been quite overwhelmed by the response to the competition. Even more entries have been made this year and it has proved once again very, very difficult to select a shortlist. We congratulate all competitors on the high standard of all their efforts to beautify our wonderful city.”

Gerard Lemos, partner at Lemos&Crane said:  “Nature for wellbeing as well as sustainability is an important issue and a way of working that is becoming increasingly valuable in London and elsewhere. The Growing Localities entrants are leading the way; all have achieved exceptional success in enhancing their localities and the lives of its residents. The shortlisted entries represent the wealth of ways in which engaging with nature can be valuable - to an individual, a group or a whole community. Congratulations to them all.”

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