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Katy Fullilove, Family Action
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Rachel Mooney, Friends of Hilly Fields
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Christine Burke, Fpld
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Don Garner, Tilgate Forum
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Funding and FREE Wildflower Seed Kits

to Transform Communities

As part of Lemos&Crane's focus on nature and wellbeing, we’ve joined forces with Grow Wild to transform spaces and change lives with UK native wildflowers and fungi. 

Already, hundreds of small grants and thousands of wildflower ‘seed kits’ have been distributed to community and other organisations, including prisons, social housing, supported housing and schools in the Lemos&Crane's network.

Grow Wild is the biggest initiative of its kind - and you can be a part of it! You don't need growing experience. All you need is enthusiasm, a shared space to transform and people to help make it happen…

Discover three ways to get involved by receiving funding for community projects, young people and FREE seed kits


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