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Online Learning: Person-focused working in the Good Prison 

This FREE online course for staff and others, including volunteers and charity staff, working in prisons and custodial institutions shows how you can use strong interpersonal and communication skills to work with people in prison in a more effective and empowering way, both for yourself and for the people you work with. The aim is to help you to focus on the wellbeing of people in prison as well as support them in their rehabilitative journey.

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PERSON-FOCUSED WORKING IN THE GOOD PRISON doesn't rely on your prior knowledge or experience of working in prisons or criminal justice. It is simple and intuitive to navigate, using a combination of briefing pages and a “virtual workbook” in which to record your own thoughts, questions, follow-up action and feedback. You can work on the course flexibly and independently, in your  own time and at your own pace using any computer in any location with internet access.  The course is password-protected and course work is confidential and not shared. On average completing the course takes between 8 and 12 hours, usually spread over some days or weeks.

It has been tried and tested by hundreds of staff working at various levels and occupations in prisons and meets Continuing Professional Development (CPD) guidelines. The course has been extensively updated and re-organised. A CPD certificate is available to those who have completed the course.  

Feedback on the revised course

“Important issues in the prison and communication and relationships were extremely good topics and I have learned things that I hope that I can bring to my establishment...  I feel the whole structure of the course went extremely well... I really like the workbook area... I can print this out for future use... I enjoyed the course.  

"The creators of this course have a real understanding and sensitivity to the issues I face every day in the prison. The course pertained to my actual work and was not simply a 'generic' ticky-box eLearning."

"The case studies allowed me to put what I learnt into practice and has prepared me for real life situations, which are likely to occur in the prison.   The quiz and the end of each sections was helpful to see if I had retained the information."

"I liked the option of listening as I am an audible learner."

“I gained a greater understanding of how to implement cross-disciplinary practice across our establishments...I thought in depth about my own practice; areas for development and areas that I'm doing well in... I enjoyed being able to take notes as I was reading without having to switch in and out of the site...I felt that it was a very reflective way of conducting the training, leading you to think specifically about your establishment and workplace.”  

"The course was very thorough and a stimulant for me to ask more questions at my place of work."

 “I improved my knowledge and understanding of the main issues in prisons. I had a few light bulb moments where I thought about how I could develop my working practice within the establishment. For example, there is some potential for peer-to-peer support in the form of listeners who could work alongside the mental health qualifications that educators deliver.

"The structure and length of the course were just right."

“I learnt about the different strategies available when coming across complex issues and the variety of bodies available that can help ….I found the course easy to follow, engaging and relevant.

"I really enjoyed the course. Liked how the review tests reinforced my learning. Note-taking was really useful. Able to break it into sections so able to focus. I found all of the content useful."

"I liked the fact that I could pick the study up and lay it down again. It gave me time to reflect on the subject matter. I particularly liked the workbook area which meant I didn't have to use a separate notebook and switch between the two.  It was straight forward and very easily understood."

"I liked being able to take notes and think about the different section topics. It made me think about my own role and how I could improve on it.  I enjoyed all aspects of the course and feel that it was well structured and to the point."


Read more..and how to apply if you are new to the course below.


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