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Invisible Walls Wales:

Supporting Prisoners' Relationships with

their Children and Families




Through our Good Prison programme Lemos&Crane have consistently supported and promoted excellence in work to support prisoners in maintaining strong bonds with their families, particularly their children and partners.  As well as the obvious emotional benefits, family connections while in prison and on release are one of the best positive indicators of successful rehabilitation and a permanent move away from crime. Invisible Walls Wales is probably the biggest family support project - and certainly the most ambitious - in any prison in the UK and we have been happy to promote the project through conferences and publications for many years. 

Invisible Walls Wales is based in HMP Parc near Bridgend in South Wales aimed at maintaining and improving relationships between male prisoners and their children and families. Funding from the Big Lottery was received for four years from 2012-2016.  The project worked with 349 participants from 83 families (83 prisoners, 94 adult family members and 172 children).  The project has now been mainstreamed and continues as part of the HMP Parc's programme.

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