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Dreams Deferred: The families and friends of homeless and vulnerable people


Lemos&Crane, with Thames Reach Bondway, Alone in London and St Basil’s set out to map the social networks of a group of homeless people and develop a toolkit and set of skills for assessing the social networks of vulnerable homeless people.

This FREE report argues for the development of person-centred support services. Making friends and rebuilding family ties should be part of an integrated package where housing, drug, alcohol and mental health issues are also addressed together. Ultimately, this approach does not apply just to homeless people – the report concludes that this way of thinking could benefit all vulnerable people, whether they happen to have a home or not.

This report was published in 2002 with support from The Ashden Trust.

“Dreams Deferred was the inspiration for so much of the work that we do within the drop-in centre and behind the scenes. Our 'Moving On' programme is based on the Dreams Deferred toolkit. Re-reading the report recently blew me away – it made me remember why we put so much time and energy into our model of support. Generic support CAN work!” Lisa Lewis, Chief Executive, Doorway


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