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News from ActionAgainstCruelty

Tate Local Network: learning disability

Lemos&Crane recently supported Tate to establish a local network of people who are keen to improve access to the Tate collections – and the arts, galleries and museums more generally – for young people with learning disabilities. The network is made up of representatives from organisations supporting young people with learning disabilities, local to each of the Tate sites, as well as specialist arts organisations working with young people with learning disabilities such as Involuntary Movement and Corali Dance.

The network held its first meeting on 22 April 2015, at Tate Britain. The meeting was a chance for the group to get to know each other and to share ideas about what the intended goals and outcomes of the network might be. Gerard Lemos provided the keynote speech, which covered Lemos&Crane’s research on access to the arts, museums and galleries for people with learning disabilities as well as the create, emotional and social benefits of exploring and expressing your experience through creative practice – especially for those who have fewer opportunities to do so.

Discussion was based on three guiding questions: What do you hope to gain through this network? Why is diversity in the arts important to you? And How can we work together to improve access? The conversation covered, for example, the significant difference between diversity and inclusion, the value of inclusion for the arts world as well as for new artists and audiences with learning disabilities participating in the arts.

The group intends to meet regularly to develop good practice, share experience and facilitate other organisations to improve opportunities for people with learning disabilities to benefit from engaging in the arts, museums and galleries.

This work with Tate is part of a wider project on improving access to the arts, galleries and museums. For more information about this work please contact Sarah



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