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Managing myself

'Managing myself' refers to the opportunity presented by imprisonment for offenders to explore and address personal, social and psychological concerns that might underpin their offending behaviour.

This section covers the ways in which interventions and projects in prisons can support offenders to establish a clear sense of themselves; their personal-identity, self-esteem and relationships with others. 

  • Positive personal identity: Understand why offenders' self-esteem and sense of personal identity is important.
  • Family: The role of family in improving prisoners' self-esteem and personal identity and how to protect and strengthen these relationships during imprisonment.
  • Reflection and collaboration: The value of self reflection and awareness for developing ways to manage behaviour and self-image.
  • Spirituality and belief: the value of religious and spiritual practice and belief for offenders
  • Empathy: The significance of empathy for strengthening self-esteem and rehabilitation, and how to cultivate it.
  • Creativity: How prisoners can use creative projects to explore and express their personal identity.
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